The monthly total tenant payment

 is simply calculated using the highest of the following: 

30% of the monthly adjusted income or

10% of monthly income or

a minimum apartment rent of $25.00

You must qualify for maximum annual income limits.

Angola Housing Authority

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​​​DO YOU QUALIFY ?  ​See maximum annual income limits.​​​

Address: 617 North Williams Street, Angola, IN, 46703

OFFICE PHONE: (260) 665-9741

How is Rent Determined?

Your rent is based on your family's anticipated gross annual income minus any deductions, if any. Annual income includes income from all sources received from the family head and spouse, and each additional member of the family 18-years or older.

Privacy Act Notice

Your application will be evaluated and you may be placed on waiting list. If you or a family member is a disabled person, notify AHA promptly.

Occupancy determined by Federal Regulations in order of bedroom size, preference, and date application is submitted. Notify AHA of any changes to your mailing address, phone, income or family size.

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How to start: 

   To lease an apartment, simply complete our HUD public housing application

and submit application to our staff.  

   AHA will schedule an appointment for you and determine your eligibility and calculate rental rates.  

AHA will perform a criminal background, credit report & landlord check. 


You must sign required Signature Authorization for release of the Information.

Apply for Affordable HUD Public Housing